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Training, Strategy, and Implementation

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Welcome to Mango Business Consulting! We will help you secure more revenue through powerful email marketing strategies and niche content creation.

We fill a void in the CRM and real estate marketing industry.

Most people don’t know how to set up or use their CRM to become the money making machine it is meant to be.

Other CRM professionals on the market are only selling CRMs and email marketing templates- forgetting about their conumsers needs.

THE PROBLEM: People can’t use their own CRM so they can’t utilize the templates they have.

OUR SOLUTION: Our proven and done-for-you CRM training, strategy, and implementation services.

At MBC we have an important mission to help real estate agents...

utilize this secret weapon in their marketing and earn more revenue, so they can live a better life doing what they love most- real estate and spending more time in their personal life.

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So, why do we specialize in CRM?

In our past client nurture campaign, lead nurture campaign, and monthly events; our client got an influx of $500,000 in business after 8 months.

Your emails are reaching the 80% of people who check their inbox EVERY DAY. That gives you major opportunities to secure more revenue in your real estate business.

The best part is, most of your competitors don’t know how powerful this method of marketing is.


Ready to secure more revenue with your CRM?

Let's get started! We are so happy to have you here.

We help you implement the CRM processes to develop growth in a sustainable and profitable way.

See what people are saying...

Cynthia is amazing!!! I reached out for some feedback about Brivity and she was super helpful and very quick to respond! She answered a few questions I had after having a demo call with them and really made me confident in my decision to sign up for the Brivity platform!! Thank you so much Cynthia for your assistance and time in the process!


Cynthia is conscientious with a true desire to help. She seeks out answers when necessary to leave no question unresolved. Thanks


I am delighted to share my testimonial for Cynthia Castillo of Mango Business Consulting LLC, a remarkable CRM Specialist and Marketing Strategy Professional. Working with Cynthia has been an absolute game-changer for me. Cynthia has a unique talent for making CRM accessible and understandable. Previously, I found the process daunting and overwhelming, but with her guidance, I now find it enjoyable. At every stage of the process, Cynthia provided invaluable support, ensuring I achieved the best results possible. Her responsiveness, accountability, and thoroughness were truly remarkable. Thanks to Cynthia, I have achieved a new level of organization in my business. She is a faithful miracle worker. The templates she provided are top-notch and have transformed the way I showcase my work. What impressed me most was her ability to listen attentively to my needs and offer solutions to challenges I didn't even realize existed. As a teacher and communicator, Cynthia excels. Her ability to easily explain complex concepts is a testament to her expertise. I genuinely appreciate the value and service she offers. Moreover, her upbeat attitude makes every interaction a joy. I now eagerly look forward to our communications. Cynthia's dedication to remaining a leader in the industry is evident. Her commitment to staying at the forefront of CRM and marketing strategies ensures that her clients receive the best solutions. If you've been searching for the perfect CRM solution, your search ends here with Cynthia Castillo. She is a true professional who delivers exceptional results. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking CRM expertise and marketing strategy guidance.


Cynthia was great! She did an exceptional job helping me in my business. I highly recommend her consulting as she will get your business to the next level!


Cynthia at Mango Business Consulting is an astute professional who excels in navigating the complexities of CRM and Marketing Strategy within the Real Estate sector. Her comprehensive knowledge and innovative approaches have been instrumental in streamlining my operations. Her commitment to excellence is evident in every interaction. Cynthia's preparation for client meetings is meticulous, ensuring that every session is productive and focused. She brings an invigorating energy to the table, which not only motivates her clients but also fosters a dynamic environment for idea exchange. What I particularly admire about Cynthia is her ability to maintain a delicate balance between guiding and holding clients accountable. Her tactful assertiveness ensures that we stay on track with our commitments, driving tangible progress without ever feeling overpowered. This quality has cultivated a working relationship with Cynthia that is based on mutual respect and has consistently yielded action-driven results. My partnership with Cynthia has been a catalyst for measurable growth and has positively transformed our business practices. Her vibrant energy, coupled with a relentless pursuit of client success, makes her an invaluable asset to any organization seeking to enhance their market position.


Hired Cynthia to help me with my CRM and she was so much fun to work with and made everything simple. She was a pleasure to work with. I learned so much and my CRM is doing what it's supposed to do now. Bring me business!!


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