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Welcome to the Mango Community

Welcome to the Mango Community, where you will find all things about marketing!

Today, I want to share the story of how Mango Business Consulting and the Mango Community came to be.

It was a cold winter one day . . .

Just kidding.

I grew up in Southern California with a top producing mother who made her entire career in real estate. Since I was 14, I helped with open houses, marketing flyers, phone calls, and even went in neighborhoods while she door-knocked.

I saw what it takes to be a top producing agent in a competitive market.

After getting my Bachelor's degrees in English and Spanish, I went on to work with a lender and mortgage broker, doing over $500,000 in commission with a small team in less than a year. All this was possible through our powerhouse marketing strategy and good execution, making it work whenever we could.

This experience included teaching real estate agents about CRM, maintaining our CRM and our marketing on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Youtube, and doing classes monthly for both agents and consumers.

Then, my love for marketing led me to create Mango Business Consulting, where I would be able to help agents and small businesses every day with their marketing strategy and work-life balance.

Now, I have helped many agents with their businesses, from setting up CRMs to training on best practices, getting 33% increase in business, an extra $50,000 in commission, or 3 listings in the first month of working together.

Now, I want to make these results accessible to everyone!

Stay tuned with all the content I will be sharing here, and feel free to message what you have learned or how this relates to your own business!

Until next time

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