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Our Trusted Vendors

After being in business for a few years now, I have partnered with a few companies that I trust! Here are some resources for you, some free, some low cost, and some premium.

Recommended CRMs


This CRM is currently going for $38* per month and is perfect for newsletters and beautiful emails! P.S. you can get 50% off with the link below. 


This CRM features a beautiful website, transaction management, easy smart plans, a marketing suite, and is an easy interface to learn! Their customer support is top knotch, and they are based in the US. 


This CRM (formerly Chime) has database management, marketing suite, and an IDX website where you can easily make landing pages for lead generation. You also get tools like CMA, home search alerts, and more.


This CRM is perfect if you want to run consistent Facebook and Google ads to generate leads without having to run the ads yourself! This CRM is very hands-on with onboarding and offers a website and marketing suite. Use referral name Cynthia Castillo to get a discount.


This CRM is PERFECT for teams. Streamline your team experience with BILLIONS, specifically made to make real estate teams' lives easier. 

Follow Up Boss

This CRM is currently going for $69* per user per month and is a great choice for someone to follow up with their clients with it! 

Other Tools for You & Your Team

Not only do we promote CRMs that can help make your life easier, but we also recommend companies that can help you with your business. Here are a few of them! 


Great for inviting people & getting RSVPs for community events, open houses, and more.


Ads through Lofty, RealGeeks, and Sierra. Use referral name Cynthia Castillo to get $250 off

Curb Hero

Get free single property sites & digital open house sign-ups.


Get the best data that DOES NOT need to be skiptraced! 

Expired, Distressed, Pre-Foreclosure, FSBO, Neighborhood Searches, and Call Capture. 

Valleys Design Studio

Get beautiful custom branding for your reale state needs, including websites, custom listing presentations, social media posts, and more!  

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